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This page is a collection of stories and experiences of plain old me, Derek Chowen. They are here as an outlet for what has been stuck in my head and heart for a long time. My goal for all of this is to share my ups and downs and in the process, help others understand that they are NOT alone and hopefully prevent people from making some of my mistakes and hitting the bottom as hard as I did.

This is the REALLY important part: I am NOT a professional. If you get a laugh or a cry out of the tales, that is great. If they make you feel better because hey, you aren’t as bad off as me, even better. The fact is, I am not a trained specialist, counselor, therapist, etc and don’t pretend to be. I am always happy to answer questions as they relate to my experiences but I am not trained or qualified to help with situations or specific issues. I CAN however provide some numbers to get you headed in the right direction. I have to give a huge thank you to Scott Kelly of BASES (Bay Area Substance Education Services) Recovery Center for his assistance with this part. The following links were provided by Scott so please feel free to utilize them at will.

Thanks again for all of your support and I look forward to hanging out with you for a very long time!

Substance Abuse Resources

Treatment Assistance


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