The Thawing Man

By : Derek Chowen

Book Cover: The Thawing Man
After WAY too many years of drinking "a bit too much" and trying to be a high functioning boozer, everything came crashing down around me. This book is a collection of observations made in early sobriety. This was a project that started off as a journal/blog experiment that helped me get some of the “new” feelings that hadn’t been felt in a long time out in a constructive way. One of the Old Timers in AA told me I was just starting to “thaw out” and after going back to edit the project, I now see what he meant.
My goal with this book was to work my way through some incredibly difficult and often devastatingly embarrassing times and help others in the process. The experiment helped get some sizable demons out of my head and out of my heart. It also provided a coping mechanism once my main one, alcohol, was removed.
One of the things that I saw in AA is that they have a lot to offer all kinds of people. Some of the guiding principles that I’ve learned can be useful to everyone.
If I can help someone else before they find the depths that I did, the day will be considered a success.

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