How Drinking Saved My life

By : Derek Chowen

Book Cover: How Drinking Saved My life
Part of the Set of 4 Books series:
This book is the 2nd book I’ve written and it is the follow up to “The Thawing Man”. This is a far more in depth look at the slow descent into alcoholism, the consequences of letting it go untreated and the triumph that is life lived in recovery.
I will take you through childhood experiences, young adult triumph and failure, love and loss, ending of careers, faking my way through homelessness, strengthening relationships with family and friends while having to say goodbye to others. This story takes you right up to the edge of my almost ending it all.
The great part about the journey I’m taking you on is that it has an incredibly happy ending/continuance! Things keep getting better and better and I am going to share the how’s and why’s. A TON of the things I am sharing don’t just apply to alcoholics, they apply to normal people as well. Life, while challenging at times, is a wonderful thing to experience!

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