By : Derek Chowen

Book Cover: Chowentology
Welcome to the book that started it all! My first book which became my second book and is now, actually going to end up being my third book. I started writing this after a Chicago to Mackinac sailboat race a few years ago. I came back from the race with such a great attitude and the crew I sailed with couldn’t have been more influential in creating that new attitude. The Church of Chowentology was “formed” as a tongue in cheek distraction to help pass the time as we raced up Lake Michigan. This church had no commandments, only “suggestions”. I was super excited to write this story and share the fun we had until I got back from the race and found out that my wife was leaving. I picked away at it from time to time but life kept happening and the cheery disposition that was required to write a book like this left me.
Fast forward 5 or 6 years. This book is now going to be number three of four. “The Thawing Man” and “How Drinking Saved My Life” are one and two, respectively. Oddly enough, the chapter names of this book haven’t changed much but the thoughts and life lessons behind them have. This is my favorite book to work on as it is a fun, lighthearted look at life and living well. The angle I see things now has changed so much from when I first started writing that you are in for a far better experience.
Not sure exactly when this book will be published but keep checking the Chowentology Facebook and Instagram pages as well as my main site,

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