What power you have…

I just figured out why writing a book takes so long. It’s actually hard work and takes a ton of time. Unless that’s all one does for a living, other stuff gets in the way. Why didn’t someone tell me this?!?!

Enough whining. Time to get to work on this post. This is the first one I’m writing with the assistance of my new glasses and I have to say I hate how clear all these little letters are…seems ironic to be writing about superpowers while wearing glasses but that is a totally different story. Maybe that one will be about denial…

Ok, NOW enough whining. Hi everyone! Good to be back with my peeps. I’ve really missed interacting with you. One of my character flaws is the ability to take people for granted and this extended time between posts made me realize how important you all are to me so, thank you! For what, you ask? For sharing your superpowers with me, of course! Let me explain…

A long time ago, I was in first grade. Ma packed me and half-pint lunches and Pa told us we’d best skedaddle because we had the coal for our one room schoolhouse and winter was fixin’ to set in but good this day! Slight exaggeration and poor English on purpose but it has been quite some time since I was in first grade. Mom packed me a lunch in my sweet, Superman lunchbox complete with matching thermos. Big surprise, huh? Back in the olden days, we didn’t carry backpacks to first grade. We didn’t  exactly carry a slate and books wrapped in a strap but a lunchbox was standard equipment. Getting off the bus and into class was priority one. Mrs. Romanik was a great teacher but VERY strict. Haste makes waste but don’t be late. I step down from bus 77-D and head into the hallowed halls of Wilson Elementary School and the latch on my trusty lunchbox proved to be less than trustworthy. Apparently, those old metal lunchboxes had a spring loaded mechanism that activated when the latch was thrown while in vertical position because shit went everywhere, immediately. Not smart enough to be embarrassed or hungry enough to care about my lunch, my focus was on the matching Superman thermos. This was a day that I realized that people other than Mom and Dad had superpowers. My friend Becky S. (remember how our last names only had one letter back then?) stopped and helped me gather all my stuff up and get it put back together. I didn’t ask for help and she didn’t ask for or EXPECT a cookie payment, she just got to work. I can’t remember my phone number these days but I will never forget that act. Becky S. has superpowers. Ironically, the “classroom” I’m in now has students with one-letter last names but their superpowers are no less apparent. Thoughtful reflection is such a powerful learning tool…

Fast forward past the one-room schoolhouse of yore to modern day. The time spent reflecting forced me to think about whether or not we all have superpowers. The best answer I can come up with is, “I think so?” Some will call it energy or power or mojo or juju but I think we all have some “stuff” inside. The people in the program, especially the Old Timers, have great powers and have learned to use them judiciously and more often than not, only when asked. I liken it to getting a kitten out of a tree for a sweet old lady but in our hurry to rescue the kitten we shove sweet granny out of the way and in the process she breaks a hip. Good intentions, kitty is out of the tree but grandma now walks with a serious limp. My experience in the program is only 9 months old but it seems like the people that are truly “in” have a vested interest in seeing everyone succeed. I think that you normals of the good-guy persuasion are the same. You like to see others succeed and it’s easy to lend a hand, asked or not. My goal with this blog/book is to share the shareable from the program with you normals. The commitment to everyone succeeding is 100%. So many of you are helping others succeed and don’t even realize it. Being able to step back and watch you unorganized, non-stepfollowing, no meeting attending, goofballs helping each other is so damn cool! Using your superpowers for good and you clearly have no idea what you are doing. So cute!

The Christmas season is upon us and though joyous for some, it’s a time of strife for others. Sometimes using your superpowers in a way that you normally wouldn’t is the right thing to do and you may make someone’s day or even year. Sometimes a knowing wink or understanding smile is super enough. We never know what struggles the other person is dealing with so let’s do our best to help people pick up their thermoses. Thanks for showing me that superpower way back when, Becky S! It’s good to be back, I missed you people!

PS I know this is a short one but I’m going to play with my nephew and 5 year olds can’t be kept waiting! 

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  1. Nikki says:

    Ahh… the old metal lunchbox with the matching thermos! Life was oh so good and simple. Missed your blogs and glad you’re back. This beautiful season can also be one of the most stressful times as well. Thinking of you a lot. Love you! ❤️ oh my, he’s 5??? He was just a baby.. remind me his name again. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Derek Chowen says:

      It’s Louis and he is so cool! You may remember the nickname “Juke”. 🙂
      Love you too, Nikki!


      1. Nikki says:

        Yes!!!!! Juke! 😊 cannot believe he’s 5! Did they have another?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Derek Chowen says:

        Nope, just enjoying the heck out of the one they have. 🙂


  2. Nikki says:

    Perfect!!! I can relate 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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